About me
I am the of Principal of TOAST Branding, located in Charlotte, NC. As a communications professional with over 7 years of experience, I understand the process as well as the steps it takes to position a business competitively with creative and innovative marketing strategies and execution.

I have experience in the processes for advertising, public relations, marketing, social media, printing and sales. I have an established network of business relationships in a handful of industries. I am a creative, organized leader and I have innovative solutions to offer. My ambition is to consistently produce the highest quality of communication and work.

About my previous position with Felix Sabates’ Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte

In my previous position with Felix Sabates’ Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte I was the Director of Corporate Communications. In the four years I was there, I developed and managed a comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relation program for the dealership. In this program, I represented the Felix Sabates’ Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte brand as well as the Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter and smart brands to a multifaceted audience across all forms of media. This included engagement of customers and prospects throughout the local Charlotte community with events such as corporate volunteerism that were within and outside of the dealership, employees, through print and online publications, six different dealership websites, car listing websites, social media, press releases and periodic company reports. In this role, I also constantly found ways to ignite new business opportunities through business relationships and partnerships.


I enjoy staying up-to-date with a little bit of everything worth checking out related to Charlotte, Business, Marketing, Gadgets, Social Media, and Web 2.0. On my free time, I take pleasure in Food, Coffee, Music, Movies, Watching TV, Cycling, Spinning, Yoga, Golf, Tennis, Biking, Cooking, Travel, Photography, Computers and Graphic Design

Where I grew up
Charlotte, NC

Places I’ve lived
Charlotte, Elon, Burlington and Raleigh North Carolina

Companies I’ve worked for
TPM, Allover Media, Clickcom, Sharpe Images and Felix Sabates’ Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte

Schools I’ve attended
Myers Park Traditional, The Fletcher School, Alexander Graham Middle School, Myers Park High School and Elon University








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